So, I now have a clear understanding of these symbols and they really are incredibly powerful. Even my boyfriend Andy is convinced and that is saying something as he’s in the military and you couldn't find a more grounded man than him. At the moment I have three symbols, although Miranda says I will be getting more over time.

These are the symbols I have found so far, feel free to use them. They are all very special and each has it's own unique power! They can be used by anyone but apparently they will only work if you have good intentions for them, so use them wisely!

Healing Symbol

What it does

When you draw this symbol it sends out a message to the universe to draw in - you can call it channelling - unconditional healing love. Just draw it in the air three times to turn on the energy flow, just like a tap. The highest frequency of energy will channel into you through your crown chakra and out through your hands. So immediately you are able to direct this energy to whoever or whatever needs it. I have used it on people, of course, pets and plants. I also put it into my water and food and wear my silver healing symbol pendant.

• Draw the symbol in the air three times
• Draw the symbol from right to left
• Draw the dot

Once you have drawn the symbol three times then place your hand on or above the area that you wish to receive the healing. You may feel a slight tingling when this happens, however, if you feel nothing donít worry because the energies will still be flowing. Miranda says we shouldnít use it directly on someoneís physical heart in case of pace makers. There is a little video here which shows you how to draw it. Give it a try Ė it's amazing!

Manifesting Symbol

What it does

This takes your intentions and makes them happen! A sort of dreams come true type of thing. Miranda says we all do this all the time but our thoughts and feelings are so full of doubts and anxieties that we often manifest negative situations in our lives. I know I have although I am getting better at positive thinking now. Anyway, for this to work you need to decide what you want. It should be something that you feel really good about not just a load of money Ė although you can ask for money but it works better if you have a really good reason for wanting it.

• Draw the symbol in the air three times
• Draw the symbol from left to right
• Draw the dot

You can either draw the symbol in the air whilst focusing on whatever it is you want or, if you have drawn what you want or written it down you can physically draw the symbol on top. Then you just forget about it rather than keep thinking about it and wondering why itís not happened yet! Miranda says we should just let the universe sort out how and when we get it! Well, itís worked for me several times already for small things and my grandmotherís friend Anne Jones has used it to get books published, her charity off the ground and even got her new car that way too. So give it go. They say the clearer you are of what you want the more likely it will come.

Protection Symbol

What it does

This symbol creates a sort of bubble of protection energy around you. It stops you getting upset by other peopleís moods and negativity, you know the feelings you get when you are with miserable people who always see the downside of everything? It also keeps you safe from negative spirits. Both Anne and Miranda keep nagging me to use this every day and after my experiences in Egypt I know that this is a really good idea.

• Draw the symbol in the air once
• Draw the triangle from bottom left to top
• Draw the eye and dot in the middle

Miranda says that the symbol strengthens the boundaries of our auric field.

Symbol Jewellery

Anne also has created some fabulous silver jewellery using these symbols, you can find these on her own website




Oracle Symbol Cards

Also we have put our heads together and created some fab Oracle cards which Anne painted. Each card has a message and how to draw them.

I got a guy at a psychic fair to photograph one of the cards and this is what the protection one came out like. Isnít it amazing?!